Top 10 U.S. Cities for Vloggers

We’ve tracked down the top cities in the USA for vloggers to live, work or just visit. Our rating is based on the number of coffee shops with free wifi, population of vloggers in the city, how many interesting things there are to vlog about, and some other random data. Maybe you’ll discover your next residence!

10. Phoenix, AZ

Not an obvious choice, but one with a lot of potential is Phoenix, AZ. Sure, it’s hot here, and there’s a huge desert around, making for some interesting, albeit bland sightseeing. However, there’s a market for a popular vlogger to come up from these here parts. There are some smaller vloggers around, so the market is far from being flooded. Phoenix is one of the biggest cities in the States, so you’ll find an abundance of modern cafes which offer good, stable Wi-Fi. Rent is slightly below average, so consider moving here when you’re already set financially, or can depend on financial support until you hit the big time.

9. Las Vegas, NV

Jumping to a very colorful choice for a vlogger life, Las Vegas certainly can provide you with a lot of entertainment opportunities which can make for great material to talk about, or for great inspiration. Again, there aren’t many popular vloggers around these parts, but those who do make it somewhat big, like this guy, focus on the obvious: gambling-related vlog content. In any case, cost of living is slightly above the national average, and you do have to deal with tourists invading your home town year-round. But on the upside, you won’t have a shortage of places to go, things and shows to see.

8. Boston, MA

Moving into the more serious, all-encompassing vlogger cities and we reach Boston, Massachusetts. Home of hugely popular YouTube vlogger Jenna Marbles, who moved here from New York, Boston certainly offers a lot in terms of a culture, night life, food and entertainment scene. There’s plenty to do, great selection of cafes and bars with free Wi-Fi. However, the cost of living is on the more expensive side, so keep that in mind when figuring out if Boston is the right move for you at the start of your vlogging career.

7. Washington, DC

A great place for any vloggers who want to stand out, Washington has a lot to offer in terms of content inspiration. From political to history topics, all pretty much have their roots in this amazing city. There are no popular vloggers in the area, but some of the biggest names draw stories from our nation capital all the time. But all this comes at a cost, as Washington is a pretty expensive city to live in for the most part, but if you can get here and settle here, you’ll have access to an amazing cultural, historic and political scene to draw inspiration from. Plenty of watering holes with free Wi-Fi as well in case you’re one of those go out and walk around vloggers!

6. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, Louisiana is the perfect starting ground for vloggers with an inkling for food and who are also looking for a cultural melting pot. The music, the locales, the restaurants, the nightlife in this city is amazing, and expenses you’ll have to incur are not all that high. Downside is crime is an issue in this city, but not if you use your head and take the necessary precautions to avoid conflict. Most vloggers, while not from the city per se, will travel and vlog often from this amazingly buzzing city on a regular basis.

5. Miami, FL

Another hotspot for vloggers from around the country, Miami has seen many meetups and visiting vloggers, but still has no dedicated, popular vlogging sensation. And it’s a shame, as Florida as a state offers quite a lot for its residents, both in terms of culture and in terms of entertainment options. Never mind the Cuban influences which can make for an interesting change of pace. The average cost of living matches the average nationwide, so with a steady job outside of vlogging at first until you hit the big time, you can pretty much get settled in right away.

4. Seattle, WA

Starting to get to the juicier vlogging hotspots, and we’re starting off with Seattle. A mixing pot of all the cafes you won’t have time in a lifetime to visit, and a birthplace of some of the best music this last half century has produced, Seattle is a great place to vlog from. Chris Pirillo is one example of a successful vlogger here, albeit a very niched one. There’s certainly a space to be filled, if you can stand the cloudy weather and the high living expenses.

3. San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley, the hotbed of US and arguably world-leading technology innovation – the extravagant, the environmentally-friendly, the high-tech and modern San Francisco area is home to some great minds. Vloggers too, like ilikeweylie. Cost of living is very high for single people, so this is one of those cities you should only move to with someone else, or when you’re already financially set. However, from bars, to nightlife and cafes, food and entertainment, you won’t ever lack activity in the area.

2. Los Angeles, CA

L.A. is one of the most vibrant cities in the US, and it’s no wonder that it’s full of opportunities for vloggers. There’s plenty to do, lots of sightseeing to get to in the surrounding area, and there’s RomanAtwoodVlogs, Alex Mandel Vlog and kevinbrueck to name just a few of active vlog channels in this city. MarkE Miller also has a hugely popular channel, and he’s moved to LA recently from Indiana. Cost of living is pretty decent, but the downside is that traffic is horrible in L.A. However, that’s compensated with plenty to do, lots of free Wi-Fi in cafes, and generally a more open, relaxed and accepting community of people.

1. New York City, NY

No wonder we’re ending on a high note – the best vlogger city in the US, New York City. Home of Casey Neistat, arguably one of the biggest YouTubers out there, Erik Conover and plenty more, New York is certainly the place to be if you want to make it as a vlogger. Culture, entertainment, food, history – everything at your fingertips and the airports open up the rest of the world as well, allowing you to go visit it and inviting it to come visit. It offers great diversity in terms of living expenses, so you can upgrade your digs once you start making some money from vlogging. If the American Dream is still alive and kicking anywhere, it’s in New York City.

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