How To Shoot Professional Quality Videos On Your Smartphone

With the advancement in mobile technology and their cameras, the trend of using a smartphone for the purpose of shooting a high-quality video has been on a rise among the videographers, vloggers, and video entrepreneurs. Yes, it is true. You no longer have to spend a fortune on a professional camcorder in order to get the best quality videos. Let us take the liberty of mentioning a few of the prominent tips and tricks in order to enable you to shoot high-quality videos with just your smartphone.

High-Quality Camera

The first and the foremost thing that you need to ensure is that you have a smartphone that is capable of high-definition videos in the first place. There are phones available in the market which are capable of shooting a 1080p and even 4K videos these days. You must get one of such devices since if you have a bad camera on the phone in the first place, nothing much could be done about it. Since the majority of the mid-range phones are at least capable of shooting a 1080p video these days, you won’t probably have to spend a fortune to get a such a device either.

Lighting Conditions

The camera on your smartphone has a tiny sensor as well as the lenses. This is why it is imperative to always shoot the video using your smartphone in a brightly lit area. This is what enables you to get rid of all sorts of grainy areas or unnecessary shadows which make the video look bad. On the contrary, you do also have to ensure that your lens is never pointing directly at the light source since it leads to overexposed videos which are neither usable nor can be fixed with software or editing tools either.

Keep Your Phone Steady

All the blurriness or distortion that people report with the videos which have been shot using a smartphone is because of the unsteady hands. For a premium quality video, you need to make sure that your phone is as steady as it could ever get. You must make use of both of your hands to keep the phone steady and position it closer to your body to avoid shakiness and the consequent blurriness or distortion. It would also be a commendable idea to get a tripod stand, stabilizer, or a camera cage if you can afford since it helps a great deal in keeping the phone steady, specifically when you are shooting a rather lengthy video.

Sound Quality

The audio in your video recording is just as important as the video itself. If you are not planning to run a whole new audio track in the background, it’ll be tougher for you to use your smartphone since the microphone on almost all of them are of low quality and are not optimally placed. In order to avoid such an issue, it is recommended to shoot your video indoors with minimal noise if possible since it enables you to get rid of environmental noise including that of wind. If that can’t be arranged, it is recommended to spend a little bit of money on a separate, high-quality microphone for high-definition audio with your high-definition video recording.

Stay Close

The image quality of your video is more likely to be damaged if you are far away from your subject specifically since a digital zoom is mostly used with the smartphones rather than the optical one. In order to stabilize the image quality, it is recommended to stay close to your subject while shooting a video with a smartphone. Moreover, you must make sure that your video is being recorded with your phone in the horizontal position and not in the vertical one. This helps both in improving the quality of the video while enabling you to play it on any other device even with the larger screen size as well.

Use The Right Apps

There is no argument over the fact that the camera app on a smartphone is capable of doing wonders. However, there is a lot more to video recording than what the stock app offers. If you explore the Play Store on your smart device, you can end up finding a wide range of apps which offers unique and intuitive features to get the most out of your video recording skills. Then, of course, there are a few paid ones which can even unlock features that make your video as professional as it ever gets with the high-end dedicated cameras. Therefore, to get the best of results, it is recommended to make use of such apps as well.

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