How to Sell Game Tutorials Online

If you want to make money and you are good at playing online games, you might have found the perfect combination to make money playing video games online. Publishing walkthrough videos and game guides is one of the best ways to make money online. If you’re really good at it, gamers are more than willing to pay high prices to get your tips and tricks. Here’s how to use your knowledge and skill of games to earn money in a way that is future proof!

Make Guide Videos

In online games like World of Warcraft and Neverwinter, players are always looking for dungeon walkthrough and game guides that can help them make the most of their time playing. If you excel at playing a game, then it’s highly likely you know more about the game than most of your followers. Walkthru videos, which explain how to get through a specific dungeon or boss, is something many gamers are be happy to pay for.

Share Your Secrets

The world of an online game is filled with secrets, hacks, and workarounds that can pretty much make the game a breeze to play. Who wouldn’t want to play World of Warcraft with the best tricks and knowledge at their fingertips? Create detailed game guides by sharing secret farming locations, loot hiding spots, and those secret areas online games are filled with. If you know where a certain enemy appears that drops valuable loot, then your fans will want to know about it!

Learn New Features

Walkthru videos after a major game update are some of the best sellers. Online games are constantly being updated and new elements, gameplay features, loot, and locations are being added with every update. Staying on top of all this is not easy for newcomers and unseasoned players. This makes new updates and game patches a great opportunity to make money. Providing solid walkthrough and tips videos explaining all the features and challenges of a game update will keep your channel relevant to gamers. Make sure all of your information is accurate and up to date with every new game patch and update.

Upsell Videos to your Fans

Streaming free videos on YouTube and Twitch is a natural way to grow your fanbase and channel. However, most online gamers and vloggers don’t make any money from their hard work. Many publishers on YouTube don’t qualify to earn advertising revenue. These talented vloggers can only hope and pray their channel gets big enough to start making money. Sell and Stream changes that predicament by letting game video publishers sell any video to their fans in just a few clicks. Upload your "feature video" to Sell and Stream, then wait for your Buy Now link in email. Once you get the link, share it in the description of your free videos and your fans can buy your premium feature video right away. You don’t need a website, just an email address and some fans that want to buy your videos.

As long as you’re good at gaming and have some unique wisdom to share, its possible for you to make more money than the game streamers on YouTube and Twitch. Listen to your fans, learn about the games they want to play, and your channel will grow. Follow these tips and you’ll soon be earning more than enough to make online gaming your professional career.

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