Best Tips for Producing Gamer Videos

When you want to make money online playing video games you need to know the right tips to edit game videos. If your videos are badly edited, the chances of anyone watching or buying your game videos is rather slim. Improve your walkthru videos and gaming guides by following these simple tips.

Tip 1. Choose The Right Setting

If you are gaming on a lower end PC or mobile device, performance might not be too great. One of the best tips for editing gaming videos is to choose the game performance that provides the best playback rather than graphics. When you’re recording a game, any lag or graphics glitch will be recorded, which brings down the overall quality of your game video.

Tip 2. Focus on Your Message

Every video and gamer channel needs a theme or message. Funny chatter, action-packed scenes, sharing the newest games, giving away the best secret tips, or simply promoting your own personality. Since you ultimately want to sell your gaming videos to your social media followers, you need to make sure that your gaming videos provide maximum entertainment without any "filler" gameplay. For example, if you need to do a quest in another area of the game, edit out the gameplay time it takes you to get there. Similarly, if you’re trying to mix in comedy with gaming videos, cut out any bits that aren’t funny or entertaining. Always stay focused on your message.

Tip 3. Keep The Size Low and Quality High

Increasing the resolution is the best way to increase the quality of a video, however, it comes at the cost of file size. To deliver videos fast, your video resolution needs to be optimized for every end user. Luckily, this is handled by your streaming provider, such as YouTube, Twitch or Sell and Stream. Provide the best quality video you can export with your equipment and Internet connection. There’s no point making a 4GB walkthru video if it takes two weeks to upload. In most cases, 720p is high enough resolution for a gamer video. A simple way to keep the quality and resolution of your game video high, while reducing file size, is to lower the framerate. Unless there’s a ton of action, a lower framerate will look the same on streaming.

Tip 4. Easy On The Effects

Keep the number of special effects, transitions, cut frames, and overlays to a minimum. Gamers don’t want to look at all the unnecessary effects. They just want your tips. If an effect or layover takes away from your message, remove it. There will be chances to use that effect in future videos.

Tip 5. Make Sure The Audio Is Flawless

All right, you’ve made the perfect video but what about the audio? Making sure that the audio is in sync is extremely important, especially when making walkthrough or funny videos. A great video with flaky audio can bring down the whole experience and drastically reduce the enjoyment of the video. Always make sure to use high-quality gaming headsets to record your audio, or better yet use a professional recording microphone. Keep background music low so your voice can be heard. Use captions when available to improve SEO and include a larger audience.

Tip 6. Review Your Work

Watch the entire video in your editor and then again when your video is exported. Take the extra time to perfect your video and your fans will reward you.

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