Free Software for Vloggers

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner in the vlogging industry, here are few incredible tools to help spice up your videos.

Today millions of people prefer to ingest news, education, and entertainment through videos, rather than reading. Video blogging (vlogging) is now becoming a very popular trend to serve this need. Just like any normal blog, your video will become visible to people, and the public can comment, rate or share your video.

Vlogging is the next step to take in order to get what you have to say out there for all to see. Consider the following resources that will make life a lot easier as you make your unique YouTube videos.

YouTube MP3 Podcaster

Have you ever wondered how someone obtained a copy of a YouTube video and edited it into their own? If you want to vlog your favorite videos online, you are surely going to love this impressive add-on for Firefox. It downloads directly to Firefox that will add buttons underneath all YouTube videos you watch on your browser. Such buttons will provide various downloading options, so you can choose to have it on an MP3 or a Full HD version. When you download this free plugin, you can begin saving videos you love on your computer without hassle.


Make your very first vlog even without owning a camera with this vlogging tool. It is a unique program that records your computer screen’s activity without the need of a software and with just a few clicks to download. If you are trying to make a ‘how-to’ post, this is the ideal alternative to use because your audience can conveniently watch and learn without having to read long instructions.

Windows Movie Maker

This is used with Windows operating system, and is ideal for beginners. In fact, it has been helping amateurs make great videos. It provides almost all the classic functions for classic video editing and features drag-n-drop options.

Whether you are vlogging for online marketing or just want to connect and engage with people, use these fun and easy-to-use tools to produce the video quality you are aiming for. Vlogging provides an opportunity to interact with people and grab their attention.

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