Best Android Apps for Professional Video Editing

We've officially entered a new era in technology, where there's more internet users connecting with mobile than desktop. The internet is now in a user's hand, not sitting on their desk. While there are many great options for editing video on a desktop, those options are no longer available to a majority of internet users.

Modern smartphones come equipped with high quality cameras that are capable of producing some impeccable photos and videos. But one of the most important elements of creating professional quality videos is editing them. While in the past, it was necessary to purchase expensive software and editing applications on a desktop computer to perform editing, it has become much easier and simpler today with mobile applications.

While there are a plethora of professional video editing applications available for iOS, the selection is a little limited for Android. However, there are still some remarkable professional video editing applications for Android based devices as well. Here are some of the best ones of the lot which you can use to create videos and movies of the utmost quality without having to invest a ton of money, time, or effort


Along with its desktop version, Adobe also has a smartphone app known as the Adobe Premiere Clip. The Adobe Premiere Clip editing offers creative control over several intricate details of the editing process that many editing apps do not offer or often overlook such as exposure and saturation. You can cut and merge clips, add background soundtracks, crossfades, and a number of filters. You can even allow the app to create a custom video for you.


KineMaster is one of the most powerful video editors in the Play Store as of yet because of the numerous tools it offers. One of the most prominent features of the KineMaster Pro tool is that it allows you to add multiple layers and add picture-in-picture effects. You can splice, merge, add transitions, and a multitude of unique effects.


viviaVideo allows you to use a storyboard in order to impart a number of available effects to your spliced and merged videos. You move in a chronological order during editing where you first edit a particular clip and them move forward to another segment. The free version gives you access to a limited number of effects and imposes a watermark on your edited videos. You gain full access with the Pro version.


Quik is ideal for beginning video editors or those who do not want to have extremely detailed control over the editing process. Quik allows you to create videos without having to customize a great deal. You simply select clips and videos that you wish to add which the application first analyzes and then produces a short video of. If you want to, you can also add effects and transitions according to your liking to customize your video to your taste.


Filmorago allows users to use a number of unique features for no cost including transitions, overlays, and slow motion effects. It also allows you to create videos that comply with the dimensions of social media networking sites such as Instagram and Youtube. You can also perform basic functions such as cutting and merging etc.


Magisto does not offer the user to really edit and manufacture the little details of the video editing. Instead it does most of the tedious work for you. You simply upload your video clips to a selected theme and select a soundtrack- Magisto does the rest of the work for you.


The PowerDirector Video Director is arguably the most comprehensive video editing tool available for Android smartphones. It offers loads of professional features that other video editors do not and gives you extended creative control over the content you create. However, if you are a beginner, this video editor may just be too complicated for you to use to its full potential.


VidTrim offers a number of different features and tools for editors along with doing exactly what its name suggests- trimming videos. You can cut and trim videos as well as merge various clips together. They have made available various filters that you can apply to your clips and also allow you to grab selected frames from a running video and use them as photos. VidTrim also has a built in social media sharing feature using which you can directly share your creations through the app.

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