Add Music to a Video on Android

A slow and seldom sound of footsteps, followed by a clash of thunder on a rainy night in the old haunted house up in the hill, got Jimmy worried.

Now, at this point, you are either thinking who is Jimmy? And what does he have to do with Audio editing? Sound effects can make or break a video. When you picture this scenario, you can’t imagine it without the sound effects. The sound effects or background music accentuates and intensifies the scene even further, and that is exactly what producers and video artist hope to accomplish.

When it comes to adding a bit of music to your videos, nobody knows how much that trick works than YouTubers. Listening to someone talk for several minutes with fun and entertaining background music spreads positive vibes. It’s the law of association at play, and when it comes to video editing, you can use this to your advantage.

With today’s social media, creating and sharing videos takes only a few minutes. However, just because anyone can add to the millions of daily published videos, doesn’t mean their content is quality or holds significance to the viewers. What you decide to shoot, and whether your fans care to see it, will decide your number of views and followers. Many variables are at play here than simply providing content your fans want to watch. A video serves as a platform to connect the artist with his viewer and music is a big factor in ensuring that happens. Music is absolutely necessary to any video. It has the power to influence moods and enhace your story.

Here are some tips for adding music to your video on an Android device:

Find Free Music

While we are all somehow “chained to the rhythm”, finding the perfect fit for your video depends on how well you search and where you search. While paid options are available everywhere, some seek a cheaper alternative and here is where you can find yours; Our first up Savior is Google Play Music, with its free songs of the week collection. Next up is Jamendo Music, a place where artists themselves have given the right to download their music for free. Then we have Noisetake, a heaven for all those who love to download free music legally.

Use The Best App

Once you have selected the soundtrack, the next most important thing to do with your selected music, right after you have danced to it, is to make use of it. Most applications offer a variety of features you can choose from and when it comes to video editing you can pick the best one, according to your needs. With near infinite applications to choose from, nearly all of them come equipped with the “add audio file” option or an “import music” option. Some video editing applications on your Android phone have a built-in music library that is jam-packed with music you can pick from to add to your video. Here are some of the applications you can consider downloading; FilmoraGo for Android, Magisto and VivaVideo.

Best Android Apps for Professional Video Editing

Know When to Add your Audio

After the application has been installed and is working, next pick out the part of your video where you wish to insert your audio file. Audio files can be trimmed and inserted at different time intervals, for example, you can add a different track for the beginning of your video, a different soundtrack for the middle and a light audio track in the very end. This helps in keeping track of your video, it differentiates the start from the middle and the dramatic moments from the less dramatic ones, all while making your video eye-catching!


Once your final touches have been put together, click replay as many times as you need before saving the file. This is your time to make any necessary adjustments to your file, whether it being the time lapse between the scene, the beginning/ending of the tracks, noise reduction or how blended the tones are with each other. This helps in rechecking and making your smartphone video absolutely flawless!

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