Top ways to Make Money online Playing Games

Earning money gaming online is not only possible, but it is also easy and fun. If you want to make money as a gamer, there are a variety of opportunities you can use to your advantage and profit.

Start A YouTube Channel

Naturally, making a YouTube gaming channel is one the most popular ways to make money as a gamer. Starting a YouTube channel is universally well-known, and very easy to set up. Its also pretty easy to grow your subscriber base, since there are so many gamers looking for hints and walkthrus.

YouTube only accepts PG-rated videos. Adult language and graphic violence is not allowed, which makes it nearly impossible to publish streams of today's action games. Recently, YouTube has been enforcing strict content guidelines (known to YouTubers as "adpocalypse"), and a fair number of prominent gamer channels lost their revenue streams and stopped publishing. If you can make family-friendly videos, and still find a way to entertain your audience, you might have a chance growing your channel on YouTube. Most YouTube gamers have jumped ship for more profitable options.

Streaming On Twitch!

Our second pick is a no brainer as well. Streaming games on is one of the best ways to make money gaming and it is getting popular very fast. There's over 45 million gamers signing into Twitch every month. Top YouTubers, such as PewDiePie, have moved to Twitch due to lost ad revenue from YouTube.

The size of the audience on Twitch is both good and bad. Its great having such a large potential audience for your game stream, but it can be very difficult to attract followers. The best method for success on Twitch is to grow your audience on social media, or other sites like YouTube, then lead your fans to your Twitch channel. Multi-channel marketing is always the smartest play when you are making money online.

Sell Gaming Videos Direct to your Fans

If you're looking for a future-proof way to make money gaming online, you may want to sell your videos directly to your social media fans using Sell and Stream. They have an easy two-step process for selling any video online. Upload your source video at and they send you a "Buy Now" page link by email within a few minutes. Share your video page link on Social Media and you're in business.

Selling video game walkthroughs, game guides and weapons build videos is extremely profitable with Sell and Stream. It is also future-proof, as no one can close your account or suspend your payouts at their whimsy (like Youtube). If you have a decent social media following or website fanbase, Sell and Stream is an extremely lucrative and easy way to make money as a gamer without too much extra effort.

The best and safest way to earn money gaming, and keep the cash flowing long-term, is a combination of these mothods. Post a preview video on YouTube, stream on Twitch, then upsell your full-length videos to your fans using Sell and Stream. This method is an easy profit funnel that only takes a little time to set up.

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